JuicyBruce Welcomes You!

We’re beyond excited about our upcoming show at ZEB’S!  The JuicyBruce line up will be:

Alex Rubin [guitar/vocals] - Jenny Arrigo [vocals] - Lauren Stockner [guitar]

Kyle Lalone [guitar] – Mike Vedric [bass] – Mike Lunoe [drums]


JuicyBruce is currently in the planning stages of our brand new, full length LP:

 ”Juicier Than Thou.”  

It will be a cosmic mix of groovy. funky, soulful, folky rock, pleasing to both the, self proclaimed, snobby theory geek, and those of us who enjoy letting the sound envelop us in a wash of good vibes and funny, tingly feelings…


We will be using select tracks from this upcoming show at ZEB’S in the LP.  If you decide to come out, you will be present as we document historical musical happenings!



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